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About Me


My Background

Kim Mlyniec is a wife, mom and a grandma, residing in Homer Glen, Illinois.  I was an art mom at both of my children's schools for 8 years.  I also was an x-ray tech for 25 years.  I left the field and started to pursue my true passion, art and being a business owner.  I'm a self taught artist.  I never stop learning different techniques or styles.  My work has been on display in The Little Traveler in Geneva, IL, The Flower of Life Gallery, Lockport, IL  Journey Pregnancy and Life Hub, Mokena, IL, and The Gaylord Building 3rd Floor Gallery, Lockport, IL. I also show my artwork at various local art shows.  

I believe in using my talent to help others. My paintings have been donated to foundations and gala that provide support and help for children and cancer patients. I have sold collections in Mesquite, Texas and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Paintings for sale are listed in my shop page.  

I am a proud member of The Artist Guild of Lockport.

I got my start by selling on Etsy, you can shop there also.


My Medium

All of the paintings for sale are ready to hang. Enjoy shopping my art store. I use many different mediums.  My primary medium I use is acrylic paint.  I use texture gels to create raised textured paintings and expressions.   The gels give my paintings a fun way to express the design I am creating.  I love working with a palette knife to create new styles. Some of my abstract artwork is also mixed media using different combinations of additives, coloring, and texture.   I love to try new ideas and create different paintings.  

Painting fo sale

My Inspiration

My inspiration is nature.  There are so many beautiful things around us, up and down and all around. This is my inspiration for picking my store name.  Colors are everywhere.   The colors of the flowers are bold and vibrant adding to their beauty.  I love the sky and all the different cloud designs.  The northern lights has always been a favorite of mine, especially with the trees in front of them. The northern lights is a huge inspiration for my northern lights collection.